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Southern Md Web Design and SEO

“I can’t say it enough, I love my website. I show it to everyone. Jason worked non stop until it was on the first page. I’m personally not a huge computer person, but Jason explained everything to me as we went along and helped me understand everything. If I had any problems or questions, he always made time to help me and figure everything out. I can honestly say that, I don’t think I could have been any happier with the process and the results. Thank you very much Jason. I will refer anyone and everyone your way. Thanks again.”

-Chris King’s Custom Painting-Mechanicsville Md, St Mary’s County.

A website should look good, be clean and free of clutter, and most importantly, bring in business. So many good looking websites are buried on page 2 or 3 of google, and not likely to bring in much business for the owner. What we are good at… is getting your website seen, and getting your phone to ring. It has to be done right from the start, and what a lot of people don’t realize, is there is actually MORE work to be done off the website than on it, for it to rank well in search engines.


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We’ve all heard of Google Maps, but what you might not have known, is that Google Maps is the driver for Google Local Search. Google Local is the means by which Google shows you results near you. You see, without Google Local, when you search for a plumber, what would probably rank first is a Wikipedia page about plumbing, NOT useful when your basement is flooding from a broken pipe. Google keeps revolutionizing the world by putting us in contact with the information we are looking for, and they way they do that when you’re looking for a tradesman near you, or a shop, is Google Local.

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your website to be seen when potential customers are searching for what you do. A typical web search has ten results to be shown on the first page. When a Local search is made there are 3 local spots shown, and then 10 websites. Those top 3 positions are extremely valuable. If you’re the fourth plumber (or any other local shop or trade) to come up in a Google Local search, someone has to start digging to find you, and people don’t dig, they click!

“When a Local search is made there are 3 local spots shown, and then 10 websites. Those top 3 positions are extremely valuable.”

-Jason Guy, Owner of Southern Md Web Design and SEO

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A good looking website is important, but it doesn’t stop there. The website build is about 10% of the work we do for a typical client. Most website design firms are done when they deliver you the website. Sometimes that’s all you need is a website, but if you are a business that needs to be found, you need the other 90%. We need to get your name out there, and perform work across the internet that shows google that you have a website worth checking out, and most importantly, worth ranking higher than your competitors. Call us today. We won’t show you websites to prove our worth! We will have you open a browser, pick a trade, then pick an area, and show you how we got our clients to rank in search! If you’re the only guy in your county, you just need a website. If you need google local search engine optimization, you need Southern Md Web Design and SEO. If you need a web design company to build your web pages and develop them for you, or more importantly, take your existing website to the next level, Call or Text us at 240-466-2200

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