Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Southern Maryland

Southern Maryland Web Design and SEO has a track result for Internet Marketing. We have numerous page 1 rankings for clients all throughout Southern Maryland, and not just page 1 results, that’s not good enough today! We have Top of Page One Google Local results. Google Local SEO is our specialty. But internet marketing is more than just ranking well. When someone finds your website, our goal is to then

  • Convince them to call you
  • Decide that you’re an authority on your trade
  • At any price they want to use your service because of what they have just seen

What is Internet Marketing?

  1. Being seen on search engines -Local SEO
  2. Creating demand for your service -Facebook Ads
  3. Fulfilling existing demand for your services -Google Adwords

We have a lot of experience in Internet Marketing. We have the nerve to try new things, and we have the experience to fall back on tried and true methods for getting your phone to ring.

Southern Maryland

We meet you in person first thing. At the Starbucks in Prince Frederick, or the Cool Beanz coffee shop in Charlotte Hall by Pizza Hotline, the Panera in Waldorf, or for lunch in California/ Lexington Park. Although we live in St. Mary’s county, we frequent Calvert and Charles county as well and know the cities and area we need to get you business in intimately. I grew up here in Southern Maryland and have lived here all my life. Would you rather do business with somebody over the phone who has offices out of state, or would you rather meet me in person to get started.

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