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Best Local SEO Company Southern Maryland

Who is the best Local SEO Company in Southern Maryland? You’re probably think I’m going to say we are. I’m gonna tell you the truth. There are competitors here that I have come to respect and look up to. Some are amazing with video ranking and have forced me to up my game, some design websites better than me and force me to tell clients that in fact “I am not the best web designer in Southern Maryland. That’s not why I want you to hire me.” We all have our strengths and weaknesses. All I ask is that you meet with me, let me show you what I’ve done for other clients, and see if the areas that I am strong in can help your business better than anyone else.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the art of getting your Google Local listing on the TOP of the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE. That is worth bold letters because having your website on Page 1 of internet search is NOT what is going to bring in the most business. Google Local SEO gets your name and phone number to the top of any internet search that includes a local phrase, such as Southern Maryland, or Northern Virginia, or St. Mary’s County. Google local is now positioned above every website on page 1 of Google Search Results.

Google local is now positioned above every website on page 1 of Google Search Results.

Southern Maryland

Ranking well for the search term Southern Maryland is not an easy task. Calvert county is one thing. Charles county is another, but Southern Maryland encompasses 3 and a half counties and will keep your business busy. What you want is to show up every time someone searches what your trade is, followed by this local term. For instance, “Electrician Southern Maryland” or “Body Shop Southern Maryland”. That is when the phone starts to ring, and then you have…

  • More pricing power
  • Work enough to keep employees busy
  • The ability to expand your business
  • Grow so you can manage, not turn a wrench

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